DOOOZ, the former "Designstudio WHOOP" is a professional and innovative design team.

After a special training for becoming a footwear manufacturer, the Managing Director, Mr. Volker Gibbert, worked for three years as Stylist for the "ara shoe factories AG". After attending the "Deutsche Schuhfachschule" he was head of the development division of the company "Elefanten Schuh" for four years. In 1992 he founded his first company "Volker Gibbert – Design und Formentechnik" - afterwards in 1996 the "Designstudio WHOOP". 

For further development of the business the "Designstudio DOOOZ" started in September 2003 with a staff from the graphic field offering extended services. Apart from the core competences within the domains Design & 3D-Modelling as well as within the domains modelling and Rapid Prototyping the extended service catalogue includes now advertising art, illustrations and Web-Design.

DOOOZ is well-known for its creativity and its relevant participation in trend developments. These strenghts are completed by the technical knowledge regarding the product development and manufacture. Right from the beginning the products developed by DOOOZ are digitised in different variations by stereoscopic pictures (3-D pictures) and animated graphics. This allows the customer already in a very early projekt stage the access to the design procedure.