Our programme reflects the wide range of activities in the footwear division. From the first sketches to the elaboration for presentation up to the completed CAD-data.

The advantage is obvious: Cost reduction, as the mould design and construction data are digitally recorded as well as time-saving and cost-effective modifications of existing models.

Additionally we also offer the graphical realisation of entire marketing campaigns as we work closely in cooperation with professional partners.

DOOOZ is a creative pool and distinguishes itself by the technical core competences. From the first work procedure the design studies and sketches are true to size and technical elaborated. Hence we avoid expensive alterations and much annoyance with the suppliers. The graphically elaborated 2-D sketches show precisely the subsequent product from the start of a new development.

DOOOZ is known for ample competence and experience within the division 3-D CAD for eight years. All kinds of developments are based on digital elements . By using CAD-systems for the manufacture of sole moulds , insoles, boots, bathing shoes and polymer coated leg material the development phase is shortened and therefore savings are achieved. A large advantage of digital developments is the accuracy of rendition of the complete production run.

  • shoelast sampel
  • collection service
  • sketches
  • graphic designs
  • leg samples
  • 3-D modelling
  • photo-realistic renderings
  • solemodels
  • Rapid-Prototyping
  • mould design and construction data
  • animated graphics
  • illustration
  • configuration (internet)
  • advertising art
  • stand construction design